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Miami Baila Dance Studio Family

Alejandro and Hazael: Bringing a new experience into the world of Dance for

Miami's Little Havana / West Brickell 

Who is Hazael?

Hazael hails from parents of the Dominican Republic, born in NYC, raised in Camden NJ, and now living in Miami since 2017. As a young child he was not allowed to dance. His father was a pastor and would not allow such things. Fortunately at 16 years old he began to dance at parties and discovered a love for Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. Luckily Father approved. Later working at 'Arthur Murray' (Yonkers NY) and 'Dance With Me' (Stamford CT) he learned skills in Ballroom dance and learned over 15 different styles of partner dances.  He's had the opportunity to train under many top world instructors such as Eddie Torres, Sekou McMiller, Val & Max Chmerkovskiy, Tony Devolani, Daria Chesnokova and more.  while teaching it allowed him to choreograph, direct shows, and compete with students in all acquired styles of dance. As a starving artist and to make ends meet he worked retail where he grew his customer service abilities or teach aerobics dance classes from Power Flex, Kickboxing, Pilates helping understand the human body and its form. 

 Art In Motion (Philadelphia), Proyecto Descarga (NYC) Caribbean Soul (NYC,NJ) are a few of the dance groups he has been a part of traveling throughout  the US, Canada and London performing and  many times hired for events and functions.

 Hazael has had the opportunity to help grow several studios here in Miami, CT, and New York.  

Now manager of Miami Baila Dance Studio since June 2022, he continues to bring his experience, zest for life, and fun into his classes and private lessons while making sure every detail of Miami Baila allows everyone to feel home away from home. His goal is to make MBDS one of the funnest places to go to live a better life through the world of Dance one step at a time.​🕺🏼

Who is Alejandro?

Owner of Miami Baila Dance Studio, Alejandro Marambio was born in Chile, and has been in the United States since the early 1980's first living in New York City and now, Miami.

Alejandro started to dance after experiencing the salsa scene in New York City. He was reffered to take lessons with Jorday Rivera, a disciple of Eddie Torres, where he learned the fundamentals of this amazing dance. He immediately jumped into classes with Jorday and the king of Mambo Eddie Torres to develop his skills in his dancing. Also taking classes at Yamulé and attending several socials in NYC, he felt the need to share this amazing experience with people. After many years of owning his own business outside of dance he decided to stop all things and open his own studio in the Heart of Little Havana Miami. 

Living in Miami since 2013, with more than 20 years of experience taking lessons and enjoying the dance, he opened his doors of Miami Baila Dance Studio in 2019 to offer a location for those who want to learn this amazing New York City style of Salsa and Bachata for Miamians. He wants this location to be the home for many dances so that anyone who enters feels this is their home away from home and learn several styles of dance and live a better life one step at a time much like his own experience.

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